Baxter permutation process

Total whitening for online signature verification based on deep representation

A generative self-ensemble approach to simulated+unsupervised learning

Pair expansion for learning multilingual semantic embeddings using disjoint visually-grounded speech audio datasets

Trilingual semantic embeddings of visually grounded speech with self-attention mechanisms

Prewarping Siamese Network: Learning Local Representations for Online Signature Verification

We propose a neural network-based framework for learning local representations of multivariate time series, and demonstrate its effectiveness for online signature verification. In contrast to related works that optimize a global distance objective, …

Seeing through Sounds: Predicting Visual Semantic Segmentation Results from Multichannel Audio Signals

Sounds provide us with vast amounts of information about surrounding objects and can even remind us visual images of them. Is it possible to implement this noteworthy human ability on machines? In this paper, we study a new task that consists of …

Deep dynamic time warping: End-to-end local feature learning for online signature verification

Few-shot learning of neural networks from scratch by pseudo example optimization

In this paper, we propose a simple but effective method for training neural networks with a limited amount of training data. Our approach inherits the idea of knowledge distillation that transfers knowledge from a deep or wide reference model to a …

Introducing Local Distance-Based Features to Temporal Convolutional Neural Networks

In this paper, we propose the use of local distance-based features determined by Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) for temporal Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN). Traditionally, DTW is used as a robust distance metric for time series patterns. However, …